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Water Softener & Filtration, Conroe, Tx
Soft water allows you to save up to 50% on soap products for laundry washing and 70% on soap products for dishwashing by simply allowing soap to do its job.

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Budget King Water Softeners and Filtration Company recommends having a whole house water treatment system to eliminate hard water problems that cause your pipes and drains to have build-ups, cutting off the flow of outgoing water. A whole house water treatment system can save you money on expensive repairs to dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines from hard water.

With the water softening system, you will eliminate the itchy dry skin, flaking scalp, and soap build-up you've been experiencing with your hard water. We can even attach a reverse osmosis system filtering your drinking water for a better and less metallic taste.

Our water softeners, filters, and water treatment systems in Conroe will give you the comfort of knowing you're getting the highest quality water treatment equipment available for home, commercial and industrial-all at the most affordable rates.

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Quality Water Softeners & Filtration

Preserving our natural resources and offering the best water treatment system available is important for us, our friends and neighbors. That is why we only choose the best in brand name products to provide to our community and surroundings: a system dedicated to clean fresh water while protecting the environment.


Budget King is proud to be a dealer of Hydrotech, a leading water tech company with the most advanced water conditioning manufacturing facility in the world. Hydotech is equipped with the best in the fields of technology and engineering, racking up a total of over 1,000 years of combined employee experience. All products at Hydrotech are designed, assembled, and tested in North America.

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benefits of water treatment


Cleaner, brighter laundry

saves up to 50% on soap products and clothes last up to 33% longer.


Cleaner fixtures

easy clean kitchen and bathrooms - no need to scrub soap scum.


Cleaner you

no hard water deposits that damage hair or soap curd that blocks skin pores.


Better taste

no objectionable taste and odor, plus food and beverages taste better and look better.

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