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Why Hydrotech Water Softeners

Quality Hydrotech Water Softeners and Premium Filtration Systems

We are proud to be a dealer of Hydrotech in order to protect your home and business while preserving our natural resources.

hydrotech water softening systems conroe, tx

Hydrotech is a division of Canature Watergroup, an innovative manufacturing company dedicated to improving the quality of water with the finest working water softening, and water treatment systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Founded in 1968, Watergroup has been a leader in delivering water treatment products across the United States and Canada. They are the fastest growing manufacturer of high-quality water conditioning products in the world.

Hydrotech's business model delivers lower prices than competitors by removing a step in distribution: The products are sent straight from the manufacturing floor to their company-owned distribution facilities, then straight to us. We then pass on those savings to you.

Due to the massive scale of business that it offers, Hydrotech's customer support team offers the best in sales and technical support with over 200 years of combined employee experience. Hydrotech is a growing company with product facilities in Calgary AB, Regina SK, Golden Valley MN, Indianapolis IN, and Cambridge ON. Their products are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) which gives credibility and assurance to public health and safety

Hydrotech's president, Don Fettes, has been in the water conditioning industry for over 40 years. His expertise and dedication have set Hydrotech on a path to future growth throughout North America, with an expansion of company-owned Regional Distribution Centers already in the works. We are proud to be distributing products from such a reputable company!

Hydrotech Water Treatment Products are Trusted and Reliable

Hydotech is equipped with the best in the fields of technology and engineering, earning a total of over 1,000 years of combined employee experience. All products at Hydrotech are designed, assembled, and tested in North America.

Water Softening, Reverse Osmosis and Filtration water treatment systems of Conroe, The Woodlands and North Houston, Texas

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