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An extensive study conducted by P&G Industries concludes: “The analysis presented here clearly demonstrates that a residential water softener and an under sink RO unit used in a hard water environment will reduce consumption and obsolescence and can be directly correlated to a reduction of greenhouse gases …” Read the complete study, click here.

The WaterMax water softener made by Hague Quality Water is regarded to be among the most efficient domestic water softeners currently available. The Watermax water softener provides a unique, patented method to resolving your homes' specific water needs.

The WaterMax multi-compartment media tank offers total adaptability in media configuration and delivers higher resin capacity resulting in up to 50% less salt consumption, up to 80% less water consumption and up to 80% less regenerating time.

Along with its efficiency, the WaterMax water softener is manufactured using the most contemporary energy saving methods, which implements a strict recycling procedure.

The Export-Import Bank of the United States recently named Hague Quality Water International as the Small Business Environmental Exporter of the Year. This recognition is granted to businesses who support environmentally-beneficial exports to emerging markets worldwide Click here to read Ex-Im Bank’s press release in its entirety.

Come see why Hague Quality Water softeners and filtration systems are The Right Solution for your water treatment needs. Contact us today!

Q. Why don't all water treatment manufacturers offer a 25 year limited warranty?
Quality. Nobody beats Hague's quality. Ask your independent Hague water softener dealer for a copy.

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