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Premium Water Softeners, The Woodlands and North Houston

Quality Hague Water Softeners and Premium Filtration Systems

WaterMax is our flagship water softener that specializes in efficient use of water, salt, and time.

WaterMax water softeners offer a patented solution to your client's specific water needs. The WaterMax multi-compartment media tank provides total flexibility in media configuration, allowing for more usable resin capacity.

WaterMax is constructed of three compartments

The first compartment, ULTRA-FIL/CHLOROSTAT is a self-cleaning, whole-house dirt and sediment filter aimed at reducing the taste of chlorine and odor in the water. These features lengthen the life of the resin bed, eliminating the need for a replacement filter or maintenance.

The second compartment, ULTRA-CLEAR, includes carbon filtration and effectively removes the taste of organics, chlorines and odors.

The third WaterMax compartment, ULTRA-SOFT, makes use of high-capacity fine mesh resin. It's vacuum packed design makes for top-notch treatment. Compartment three also holds the self-cleaning Bacteriostat to prevent bacteria from growing in the resin bed.

With WaterMax water softening system, clean and smooth water is just the start. Compared to conventional water softeners, WaterMax saves:

Up to 80% less time
Up to 50% less regenerate
Uses up to 80% less water
Prevents water channeling

Our premium water softener provides peek protection from water damages, while saving on natural resources. Our reliable, cost-effective water treatment system is supported by decades of family leadership, technology and care.

Water Softeners in Conroe, The Woodlands and North Houston

  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Directional flow screens
  • Solid-state system control
  • Built-in bypass with test port
  • 20 micron whole-house filter
  • Power outage protection
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